From 2023 onwards, I plan to take a break from commissions for several years. In the past 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to design, create, draw and paint a lot on customer request. In particular, portraying horses, dogs - but also people - has trained my hand and eye with regard to realistic depictions. After over 250 commissioned works, I now wish for a creative break in which I can further develop myself technically and stylistically and paint new motifs and sceneries. Of course you can still buy paintings from me in the next and the following years, but from the section "free works". You can find some works still for sale on the website in the gallery, but you can also wait and see what will appear on canvas and paper in the coming months.


Commission pieces

dog drawing in progress (pastel)
dog drawing in progress (pastel)

I make drawings and paintings based on photographs – all I need is a picture of sufficient quality of the animal or person in question.


You can choose between a simple portrait, a whole-body drawing or painting or a combination of the two. Feel free to take a look at the respective galleries and browse for ideas. With regard to technique you can choose between pencil, pastels, water colour and oil. The size is up to you – starting with DIN A5 anything is possible. Special sizes can also be discussed with me.


As soon as we have agreed on size, technique and composition it will take me between 1 and 8 weeks to finish the drawing or painting depending on the current order situation. I will inform you about the time frame when all details have been discussed. Please keep in mind that oil paintings take quite a while to dry and are ready for shipping after 6 months at the earliest.


On demand I can send you a sketch in the beginning to give you a better idea. This way you can make sure that the drawing matches your expectations. After completion and payment I send the drawing/ painting to you via mail.


You can find price guidelines in the section Prices

Reference photographs

A high quality photograph is essential for portrait painting. Details and perspective are crucial factors for a realistic and appealing drawing or painting. Please take your time to select suitable pictures or even ask a friend with a good eye and a knack for cameras to take a few shots of your companion on a sunny day. You will be all the happier with the result in the end! Below you will find a few positive and negative (equine) examples to give you a better idea. 

Please try to avoid blurred pictures, too low resolutions, distortive perspectives and poor lighting. I often work from pictures on screen so it is necessary to zoom in. 

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