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    Mary Gallagher (Sonntag, 14 Januar 2018 14:24)

    My dauter in law Beckey gave me a calender for Christmas
    One of yours. The bird one with a stunningly beautiful owl on the front. I just wanted to say you have a wonderful talent , I was so pleas ed to get it. Mary Gallagher

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    Becky (Nottingham UK) (Donnerstag, 30 März 2017 23:25)

    Beautiful artwork from a wonderfully talented artist!

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    Lucy (Donnerstag, 30 März 2017 23:05)

    Wietje has done a number of pictures of me (and family) and has beautifully captured precious memories. Manchester, UK

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    Laura from Seattle (Donnerstag, 30 März 2017 21:58)

    Wietje's paintings are so beautiful!! They really capture the expression in a dog's eyes and show their personality. Such a perfect gift for a dog or horse owner.

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    Andrea Etter (Samstag, 21 Mai 2016 20:58)

    Wietje is a top class artist, love her work! I have no doubt that one day you will be famous all over the world.

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    Max Prat (Samstag, 10 Januar 2015 19:32)

    Wow what great pictures! Wietje has made a few drawings for us this past year of our dogs and our friends' dog. We gave our friends Wietje's drawing of their Irish Setter as a wedding gift and they said it was one of their favorite gifts they received! We have her drawings up on our wall and now our friends do too. They are true to life and beautiful portraits of our dogs. We will definitely order from her again in the future.